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Title: Champion

Material: Ceramic

Technique: Mould casting

Edition: Open

Size: mm 240 x 240 x h.250

Year: 2024

Art Design Advertising


So strong!

B-fora makes a powerful ally: Champion, unbeatable!

The ‘Champion’ design features a vase that melds a portrayal of a cartoonish man with a contemporary Greek flair. The vase playfully showcases a confident and robust figure, serving as a satirical depiction of triumph.


The man’s body, which is depicted with a belly and small bottom, making him appear like an ordinary man rather than a chiseled and idealized Greek god. This choice adds a touch of realism and relatability to the design, making it more approachable and endearing. To convey a sense of strength and power, the man’s arms are raised in a position of dynamism, symbolizing triumph and victory. 

The modern Greek aesthetic is maintained through the use of elements inspired by ancient Greek art and design. The overall shape and form of the vase might resemble traditional Greek  amphoras, while the detailing and motifs incorporate a contemporary flair. 

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