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Exploring the Intricacies of Material Design

The "COLUMNS" collection unveils a mesmerizing world of informal material design, concealing an infinite array of intricate details. The creation of these sculptures involved an in-depth exploration of the delicate balance between artistic impulse and the unadulterated essence of natural elements. Within these sculptures, chaos and harmony converge through sharp lines, unexpected cracks, bulges, and corrosions, giving rise to a profound and meaningful atmosphere that depicts the inseparable connection and often conflicting relationship between humanity and matter. Ultimately, these works raise questions about the ontology of art, urging the artist and audience to ponder the delicate equilibrium between the natural world and human intervention.


The resulting sculptures are true marvels, wherein beauty and complexity manifest in every minute detail. The human hand's role in their creation is limited to constructing an ephemeral space, allowing the materials to freely express themselves without constraints. Throughout the pouring phase, grooves and corrosions emerge, while during the drying phase, the material swells, further enhancing its unique characteristics. Natural pigments infuse the sculptures with their hues, transforming them into tangible portals that transport us into a surreal dimension where humanity adapts to the whims and necessities of nature.


Each sculpture within the "COLUMNS" collection is a singular and non-reproducible masterpiece, differing in shape, size, and complexity from its counterparts. The creative process involves pouring liquid plaster into deliberately fragile molds, which are intended to be partially modified or even destroyed by the material itself. Pigments are introduced during the mixing phase, subtly infusing the liquid plaster. Once the hardening phase is complete, the molds are purposefully shattered, unveiling the finished work, which is then left to dry and solidify.


These sculptures capture the essence of the delicate interplay between artistic vision and the innate characteristics of the materials used. Through their intricate details, unconventional forms, and vibrant pigmentation, the "COLUMNS" collection transcends traditional notions of sculpture. It beckons viewers to engage with the inherent beauty and complexity that arises when nature and art converge, inviting contemplation on the ever-evolving relationship between humanity and the material world.


In summary, "COLUMNS" serves as a testament to the power of material design and the organic beauty that emerges when the control is surrendered to the materials. Each sculpture is a testament to the unique and ephemeral nature of artistic creation, inviting viewers to explore the intricate connections between human creativity, the natural world, and the profound stories embedded within each form.

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