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Title: First Chair

Medium: Recycled foam, steel, Finflex

Technique: Assemblage

Colour: RAL 9010 Pure white

Edition: Unique piece

Size: mm 600 x 550 x h.960

Year: 2022

First Chair

Sustainable beauty

“First Chair” is a seat entirely made out of recycled material. Its plastic form is the result of a combination of artistic talent, and the atypical choice of recycled materials. Its incomplete, allusive, asymmetrical, light and changeable appearance is the result of a long and constant search for proportions and new solutions, with the intention of always focusing about the same subject: the chair.


The starting basis for ‘First chair’ is an iron frame from an old seat, foam scraps from an old sofa and a ratchet strap.


A research between aesthetic and functional compromise, “First chair” is designed on the lines of the existing frame. Light and contemporary, “First chair” is pure synergy between the ordinary design of the seat and the bizarre combination of atypical lines and shapes. The idea is to conceive an organic, free chair that dialogues between the experimental approach and contemporary design.


Foam scraps, shapes, textures and systems were tested to define the best performing way in terms of comfort, aesthetics and durability in order to achieve a chair with unique aesthetics and innovative character.

A tensioned ratchet strap, capable of supporting weights of up to 250 kg, has been wrapped around the two profiles that house the seat and backrest area. The solid support of the straps stretched around the frame is comfortable thanks to the foam rubber support.

The soft components have been tied to the frame at fifteen specific points to achieve the best relationship between aesthetics and function. The aesthetics are developed around the original seat structure, establishing a dialogue of shapes and proportions between foam and iron.


During the final processing stage, the seat is sprayed and covered with several layers of elastic paint. In addition to giving colour and texture to the sofa, this material creates a protective layer that allows it to withstand external stresses and agents, making the furnishing accessory waterproof and washable. Applied entirely by spraying, elastic paint is the most effective solution for covering even the most complex shapes as it does not require any stitching.

The result is 'First chair', a chair with a soft profile that alludes to seductive movements with a dual personality: an elegant and sinuous appearance is intertwined with a contemporary punk spirit, represented by the split in the back of the seat that boldly reveals the straps anchored to the backrest.


First Chair’ is a chair made according to a sustainable circular system, which helps save resources and proposes an alternative process that reduces environmental impact and offers an alternative to the classical production system.

All materials used in the production process can in turn be recycled or reused.

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