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Freeda Media


Interior design project for the new headquarters of Freeda media in Via Morimondo (MI).

In addition to the interior design part, IAMMI designed and handmade the tables for all the meeting rooms, named ‘Shiftable’.





The 'Shiftable' project is a result of extensive research into the life cycle of industrial products, specifically focusing on the reutilization of defective items. In this case, defective products from an Italian sheet metal lampshade factory serve as the primary components for composing the legs of the 'Shiftable' tables.

The tables in the 'Shiftable' collection are designed to be modular, allowing for flexibility and versatility in their arrangement. The modular nature of these tables enables users to mix and match different components, creating various configurations that suit their specific needs and preferences. This adaptability ensures that the tables can be easily integrated into different spaces and accommodate diverse functional requirements.


In terms of aesthetics, the 'Shiftable' tables reflect the spirit and atmosphere of the Freeda environment. The Freeda environment is characterized by its vibrant colors, inclusivity, and sense of fun. The tables incorporate these elements through their design, incorporating bold and lively colors into their finishes and detailing.

By repurposing defective lampshade components, the 'Shiftable' project embraces the principles of sustainability and circular economy. It takes what would otherwise be discarded or wasted and transforms it into functional and visually appealing furniture pieces. This approach contributes to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing processes.

Overall, the 'Shiftable' project showcases a creative and innovative approach to furniture design, prioritizing sustainability, modularity, and a vibrant aesthetic inspired by the Freeda environment. It encourages users to actively engage in the customization of their furniture and promotes a more conscious and playful approach to interior design.

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