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Title: Friendly Monster Cabinet

Material: EPS and leather

Technique: S3D modeling /  3D polystyrene milling / Leather dyeing, shaping, engraving and lining

Colour: Pink

Size: cm 85x 80 x h120

Year: 2023

Art Design Advertising

Friendly Monster Cabinet

Welcome the Extraordinary and Celebrate the Unconventional

Prepare to be enthralled by a design marvel that seamlessly blends sophistication and playfulness—the Friendly Monster Cabinet, where the tactile allure of leather meets the enchantment of a friendly monster.

Step into a world where fantasy meets functionality, where the mundane becomes magical, and where a touch of whimsy transforms the ordinary.


Inspired by the famous 'monster in the closet', the Friendly Monster Cabinet shows its appearance and playful features.

The monster, no longer hiding in the closet, finally reveals itself, and is super cute, no longer frightening: we welcome and face our fears until we can live with them in a light-hearted way.


Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, its exterior showcases a masterful blend of artistic finesse and functionality. The whimsical design, the playful details, and vibrant colors converge, beckoning to explore the extraordinary realm that lies within.


Contrasting with the sleek sophistication of the leather, the Friendly Monster Cabinet boasts whimsical design elements that lend it an undeniable charm, creating a playful, yet refined aesthetic. The incorporation of carefully crafted playful details, like the small leather tongue that serves as the drawer opening, infuses the piece with a sense of friendly character and invites to embark on a magical journey of imagination.


Beyond its captivating exterior, the Friendly Monster Cabinet boasts functional design features. Behind its charming façade is a large storage compartment and a practical drawer. When opened, the belly transforms into a comfortable table, making the friendly Monster Cabinet perfect for use as a bar cabinet.


Embrace the unconventional and let this whimsical design transform your living space into a realm of endless wonder. The Friendly Monster Cabinet, with its unique fusion of leather luxury and playful design, serves as a testament to embracing the unexpected. Unveil the hidden treasures within and allow the friendly monster to ignite your imagination, leaving you with a lasting awe sense.

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