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Title: Friendly Monster Cabinet

Material: Italian leather, EPS

Technique: 3D modeling /  3D polystyrene milling / Leather dyeing, shaping, engraving and lining

Colour: Pink

Size: cm 85x 80 x h120

Year: 2023

Art Design Advertising

Friendly Monster Cabinet

Welcome the Extraordinary and Celebrate the Unconventional

Where the tactile allure of leather meets the enchantment of a friendly monster.


Inspired by the famous ‘monster in the closet’, the Friendly Monster Cabinet shows its appearance and playful features. The monster, no longer hiding in the closet, finally reveals itself, and is super cute, no longer frightening: we welcome and face our fears until we can live with them in a light-hearted way.


Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, its exterior showcases a masterful blend of artistic finesse and functional design features.Behind its charming façade is a large storage compartment and a practical drawer. When opened, the belly transforms into a comfortable table, making the Friendly Monster Cabinet perfect for use as a cabinet.


Embrace the unconventional and let this whimsical design transform your living space into a realm of endless wonder. The Friendly Monster Cabinet, with its unique fusion of leather luxury and playful design, serves as a testament to embracing the unexpected.


The Friendly Monster Cabinet is distinguished by its elegant leather upholstery, offering a unique fusion of luxury and playful design. The choice of using smooth, soft leather in a bold pink colour, combined with a contemporary aesthetic, has given a modern touch to a material often associated with a more traditional style.


The subtle leather lends a sense of lightness to the design, while its smooth texture adds further refinement and accentuates the playful aesthetic of the design. The choice of pink colour lends a lively and playful touch, creating a fascinating contrast to the shape of the iconic Friendly Monster Cabinet.


The result is an eye-catching masterpiece, combining the elegance of high-quality leather with a fun, contemporary design. The Friendly Monster Cabinet represents a perfect synthesis of luxury and playfulness, demonstrating how a classic material can be reinterpreted in an innovative and fascinating way.

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