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Title: Hong Kong

Medium: Plaster

Technique: Sculpture

Size: Variable (mm 220-460 x Ø 90)

Year: 2022

Hong Kong

Compressed Emotional Explosions

The "Hong Kong" sculptures crafted from plaster capture the essence of a city marked by intensity, compression, and explosive emotions. Each piece in this collection is saturated to the point of overflowing, embodying the overwhelming energy that characterizes Hong Kong. 


Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, each of the five unique sculptures which characterise each collection tells its own story. The use of plaster as the chosen material adds to the richness of the artistic expression, paying homage to its iconic status in art history. Plaster, a medium that has been used for centuries, represents the passage of time and the endurance of emotions. Its malleability allows it to shape and mold the material, capturing the raw emotions that lie beneath the surface.


The "Hong Kong" sculptures invite contemplation and introspection. The crushed and compressed forms exude a sense of tranquility and resolution. They embody a peaceful armistice, a moment of acceptance and balance amidst the chaos.

Each piece is unique.

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