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Isola Design Gallery


Set-up design project for Isola Design Gallery, during Milan Design Week 2023.

The 4th edition of Isola Design Gallery launched visitors into a space that is inspired by metaphysics. The exhibition felt like a painting of Giorgio de Chirico thanks to the collaboration between Isola’s creative director, Elif Resitoglu and IAMMI. Elif and IAMMI vision dialogue to create an exhibition where time has fizzled out and nature has taken over. Amorphous, natural forms, raw materials and a surreal atmosphere are the metaphysical paintings of a world where “Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens”.


For the occasion, IAMMI handmade 40 bases and pedestals casted in “gesso” that are sculptural and collectible pieces themselves.


Ph credits

Gabriele Correddu, Anwyn Howarth 

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