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Series title: LSNR

Medium: Borosilicate glass​

Technique:  Lume glass processing

Edition: 12 unique pieces​

Size: cm ~16,6 x 4 x 0.8

Year: 2022​


Twelve unique pieces make up the 'LSNR' collection. A letter opener that embodies the historical alliance between life and magic.


'LSNR' wants to be the tool to conquer, or regain, our lives. A long-awaited letter, an unexpected news, a deserved contract: the action of the letter opener is to tear, to open the door to a new future in an energetic and conscious way.


The 12 borosilicate glass swords were made entirely by hand in Antibes, France. Each sword is therefore unique. 

The style of the sword deliberately rejects the classic shape of the medieval sword, to favour the lightness that characterises the world of jesters. When reflections of light strike the small sword, they turn into a thousand colours. A cheerful and positive vision of the future, to support the knight in the day life challenges.

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