"Depending on the surface/ object we are painting, we always adapt our process of working to get the best result we can imagine. When we paint objects, like the B-fora vase, we need to have direct contact with it, we don’t do a project for the object, we do a project on the object. It’s like a jam, we paint as we are thinking, as we are feeling, as the object is reacting. Obviously, scale, color, and composition are always in the back of our minds, but the object speaks louder than any other thing in the room. It takes time, patience, and courage to take actions by impulse, that sometimes turn into bad decisions. In this case, we also had something very special: we had the support of Stephanie and dos Santos, who gave us all the freedom in the world to develop our interpretation of their B-fora." - Los Pepes


MATERIAL : CERAMIC | SIZE : cm 12 x 16,5  h.35



JULY ©2020


Los Pepes Studio (Meggie Prata n. 1993 and Francisco Leal n. 1992) is a Portugal based artistic duo that started its activity in 2015 at Oporto.

Both artists’ backgrounds are related to visual arts and design. They met and started their team during their Masters in Art and Design for Public Space.

Currently living at their home town, Lisbon, they have been developing their own visual expression through a symbolic language, bright colors, and crazy patterns. Their practice, mainly related to street art and illustration, embraces a variety of techniques that allows Los Pepes to explore different approaches to develop their collaborative dialogue of shapes and colors.

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