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Title: Makkuro

Material: Upcycled foam rubber 

Technique: Handcarving

Colour: Black glossy

Edition: Unique Piece

Size: cm 80 x 60 x h50

Year: 2023

Art Design Advertising


The stiffness of something soft

At IAMMI, innovation meets sustainability, and the Makkuro vase is a shining example of this ethos. Hand-crafted from discarded automotive foam waste, its soft, pliable form contrasts with its glossy black coating and sculptural aesthetic.


Created in Italy, the raw material is sourced from Re-Mat, the first Italian startup authorized to recycle discarded mattresses and foam, breathes new life into what was once considered waste.

IAMMI mission is to craft collectible pieces that are not only visually stunning but also carry a hidden narrative.

Makkuro embodies this vision: its name draws inspiration from its resemblance to a magical piece of charcoal. Yet, it stands as a gentle, eco-responsible creation, inviting interaction and exploration.

The result is a raw, almost alien-like design, offering a tactile experience that’s as enigmatic as unexpected. 


Makkuro vase is shaped by hand, paying homage to the natural attributes of the foam material. The Makkuro vase captivates with its soft and welcoming texture, promoting tactile interaction. Makkuro unveils a hidden narrative of transformation, creatively repurposing industrial waste into unique design pieces, standing as a symbol of IAMMI's dedication to reimagining discarded materials and creating unique, eco-conscious collectible pieces.

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