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Title: Oeuf
Material: Plaster

Technique: Sculpture

Edition: 10 unique piece

Size: mm 160 x 120

Year: 2022

Art Design Advertising


Celebrating life

"Oeuf" is a collection of 10 meticulously handcrafted egg-shaped sculptures. The primary objective of this collection is to honor and celebrate the essence of life itself. IAMMI seeks to present a fresh perspective on the symbolic significance of eggs, which are widely recognized as representing birth and creation.


Each sculpture in the "Oeuf" collection bring forth a tangible representation of the beauty and potential inherent in the hatching of an egg.


IAMMI's reinterpretation of the egg as a symbol goes beyond its literal connotations and delves into the profound themes of transformation and new beginnings. 


Overall, "Oeuf" encapsulates IAMMI's artistic vision, celebrating life's inherent beauty while encouraging contemplation and appreciation for the boundless wonders of creation.

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