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Title: Hong Kong

Medium: Plaster

Technique: Sculpture

Edition: Unique piece

Size: Variable (mm 460-235 x Ø 9)

Year: 2022

Please don't step on my cat

Exhibition born from the collaboration between IAMMI and the experimental hairstyling studio Encadrer.


Imagining a world where hair matter has taken over, this environment seems to have fizzled over time. This alienating element bursts in, disrupting the everydayness of a vital energy that has contaminated every corner of tangible reality. Nothing is loud or noisy, you just have to watch your step.

Two undisputed protagonists dominate the scene: La Mora e La Bionda.

Statuesque and disruptive, they have sown in the most unusual places personal and intimate objects.

La Mora

Unique piece
A lamp with a strong and decisive character like a femme fatal with French verve. Set and structured, this unique piece is an interplay of volumes and fringes in which the hair is left soft and floating.

MATERIAL : aluminium, synthetic hair

La Bionda

Unique piece
A chaise longue with a peppy, disruptive and extremely sexy character. A unique piece born from the creation of a geometric structure to which long, blonde hair is woven to create an enveloping seat.

MATERIAL : steel, synthetic hair

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