B-fora "Wisteria"

Not just an "A-fora", it's a "B-fora"!

The beauty and harmony of Greek art meet the canonical female body of Kim Kardashian, but finally, the B-side is revealed! These vases represent both stylistic elements of furniture for the homes and a tribute to the female world.


MATERIAL: Clay, unglazed on the outside, glazed on the inside. Matt finish.

SIZE : 165 x 120 x h.350 mm

WEIGHT: gr 1200




Each vase is crafted using mold casting and finalized by hand.

Every B-fora is an handmade piece, for this reason every object that you order could be slightly different from the picture. Being a handmade piece that is very complex to produce we cannot guarantee 100% waterproofness.




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B-fora "Wisteria"

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