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Title: San Nicola Arcella
Material: Recycled foam rubber, Fimflex

Technique: Assemblage and sculpture

Colour: RAL 9010 Pure white
Edition: Unique piece
Size: cm 210 x 115 x h.75
Year: 2022

Art Design Advertising

San Nicola Arcella

Take a sit and relax

“San Nicola Arcella” is an enveloping and cosy sofa, characterised by a scenographic appearance that recalls the shape of the cliffs of San Nicola Arcella, a seaside village in the province of Cosenza. In addition to its organic and irregular shape, the uniqueness of this piece of furniture lies in its manufacturing process. “San Nicola Arcella” is made entirely made out of scraps of foam rubber mattresses, assembled in a single piece with neoprene glue and sculpted by hand.

Subsequently coated with an elastic, resistant, washable and water-repellent paint, ‘San Nicola Arcella’ retains the appearance of a rock, while remaining extremely soft and comfortable.


The idea came about by noting the quantity of foam mattresses that are discarded and abandoned on the streets every week, waiting to be picked up by the waste collection service. The desire is to find a new use for this material, most often recovered in perfect condition. In 7 days, 10 mattresses of different shapes and thicknesses were recovered, which, placed vertically and side by side, reach the volume of a three-seater sofa.


The shape is inspired by the shapes of the cliffs of San Nicola Arcella (CS), where imposing rocky arches through which the sun’s rays filter create an evocative and unique panorama. The fact of having a structure composed solely of foam rubber strips assembled together, (thus a structure free from the constraints of the rigid load-bearing skeleton of classic sofas), allowed to design a sofa with unusual shapes sculpted layer by layer, which escapes the rigid undercut rules imposed by industrial moulds. 


‘San Nicola Arcella’ is sprayed and covered with several layers of elastic paint. In addition to giving colour and texture to the sofa, this material creates a protective layer that allows it to withstand external stresses and agents, making the furnishing accessory waterproof and washable. Applied entirely by spraying, elastic paint is the most effective solution for covering even the most complex shapes as it does not require any stitching.

The result is a scenographic L-shaped sofa, a mix of structural rigour and freedom. The soft materiality of the seat and backrest make ‘San Nicola Arcella’ both comfortable and robust, while the large hole in the only armrest present gives it lightness and harmony.

“San Nicola Arcella” is a product made according to a sustainable circular system, which helps to save resources and proposes an alternative process that reduces environmental impact and offers a green alternative to the classical production system. All materials used in the production process can be recycled again.

“San Nicola Arcella”is also made to order in custom sizes and colours, requests are handled on an individual basis.

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