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Title: Sgrappiera

Material: Marble, resin

Size: cm 50 x 50 x 6

Year: 2023


“To be a real Dama Fu**king Player, you need a real Sgrappiera”

The Sgrappiera chessboard is a unique and unconventional design that combines the aesthetics of the iconic SGRAPPA grappa bottle with the traditional game of draughts (also known as checkers). The chessboard is specifically designed for SGRAPPA, the renowned Italian grappa brand founded by Maurizio Cattelan, Paolo Dalla Mora, and Charley Vezza.

The chessboard is crafted with black and white marble, a luxurious and elegant material that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Skilled artisans in Pietrasanta, known for their expertise in working with marble, create the chessboard with meticulous craftsmanship. The pawns in the Sgrappiera chessboard are not your typical chess pieces. They have been transformed into middle fingers, adding a playful and rebellious twist to the traditional game. These unique pawns travel across the playing field, capturing the opponent's pawns, and if they successfully make it to the opponent's side, they transform into "ladies" and acquire a ring.The pawns are made of resin and produced using molds. They are then carefully finished by hand, ensuring attention to detail and quality. 

The concept behind the Sgrappiera chessboard is to create a distinctive and bold product that reflects the spirit of SGRAPPA as a brand. It embodies a sense of irreverence, playfulness, and a touch of edginess. The chessboard is not just a game; it is a statement piece that exudes attitude and style.

In summary, the Sgrappiera chessboard offers a unique and artistic twist on a classic game.

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