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Title: Soleil Levant

Material: Ceramic

Size: Variable

Year: 2023

Art Design Advertising

Soleil Levant

The Soleil Levant collection is a series of pots that embraces the natural shapes and textures found in dried fruit. The concept behind this collection stems from the imagery of fruit and its vital role in protecting and dispersing seeds for new plant growth. By considering the fruit's skin as a natural container, the collection seeks to merge its aesthetic qualities with that of a vase, highlighting its function as a container.


In this collection, the aesthetics of the pots are not merely an afterthought dictated by the designer's taste and functionality. Instead, they take on a primary role and symbolic value. The shapes and textures of dried fruit are celebrated and incorporated into the design, creating visually captivating and organic forms. The pots reflect the inherent beauty found in nature, allowing us to appreciate the intricate patterns and textures that develop during the drying process.


By combining the aesthetics of dried fruit with the functionality of a vase, the Soleil Levant collection emphasizes the significance of containers in both practical and symbolic terms. The pots become vessels that not only hold plants but also symbolize the potential for growth and renewal. They embody the cycle of life and the idea that from a seed, new life can emerge.


The Soleil Levant collection invites viewers to appreciate the inherent beauty of nature and to see containers as more than just functional objects. They become artistic expressions that connect us to the natural world and its processes. These pots can serve as unique and meaningful additions to interior spaces, bringing a touch of organic elegance and a reminder of the interconnectedness of life.

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