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Title: Soleil Levant

Medium: recycled PP

Size: variable

Year: 2023

Art Design Advertising

Soleil Levant

Soleil Levant is a collection of pots made entirely from recycled PP, with an aesthetic that focuses on the natural shapes and textures of dried fruit.

By understanding and learning about the mechanics and processing techniques of plastics, especially polypropylene, the research set out to change the cold and industrial perception of plastic into something closer to the natural and material world, with respect to circular and sustainable self-production.


The idea of the collection was born thinking of the imagery of the fruit and its task of protecting and spreading the seed from which the new plant will grow. In fact, if we consider the skin of the fruit as a natural container, then combining its aesthetics with a vase becomes a way of emphasising its function as a container.

The aesthetics of the object, therefore, is no longer a part of secondary importance, dictated by the function and taste of its designer, but acquires a principal role and symbolic value. The result is a vase capable of communicating a concept, while respecting a recycling system able to revaluate and rework plastic waste in a new aesthetic key.

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