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Title: First Chair

Medium: Recycled foam, steel, Finflex

Technique: Assemblage

Colour: RAL 9010 Pure white

Edition: Unique piece

Size: mm 600 x 550 x h.960

Year: 2022

The Fluffy Vase
FHNW / International Workshop Week 24

For the International Workshop Week held in March 2024, the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland has extended an invitation to us to conduct a 5-day workshop centered around the theme of JOY.

We have decided to present “The Fluffy Vase,” a workshop tailored for contemporary design enthusiasts eager to explore the soft realm of Ecofoam and upcycled foam.

While conventional conception often associates working with recycled materials with traditional design and a cold, minimalist aesthetic, our week-long workshop seeks to challenge this perception. Embrace the vibrant world of color, texture, and unique characteristics inherent in recycled and upcycled materials, and discover how they can be harnessed to create designs that are both radical and dynamic.



  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of foam rubber, including its production processes and life cycle.

  • Ecofoam focus: an innovative material sourced from the circular economy of the foam industry.

  • Develop skills in cutting, assembling, and sculpting foam rubber.

  • Craft your very own "Fluffy Vase."

  • Create a professional presentation that includes concepts and still-life photographs of the final results.


Credits for the outcomes will be listed in order of appearance:


“Butterfly”, Lena Huwiler & Fiona Handermann

“ARKONA”, Klara Amelie Schneider

“kora vase”, Angelina Costoglus

“don`t touch?” - excaliblue and balanceiaga, Silvan Lupp

“Geobloom 1:3”, Benedict Weber

“Schrrrrrr”, Patrick Heegewald

“Sculptural Birch”, Caro Colijn

“Jellyfish", Mira Cavegn

“SOFT REALITY”, Sophie Ludwig & Reto Monigatti

“Thrive”, Nicolas Fehlmann

“Meadow Vase”, Marla Giulia Asta

“Rero”, Rosalie König

“Citric and Ruby”, Lea Thürlemann

“Flone”, Soana Luvenga

“Yppah”, Emily Latino

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