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IAMMI is a design studio founded in 2020 by Portuguese designer Nicolau dos Santos and French-Italian art director Stephanie Blanchard. The studio is focused on blurring the lines between classic and contemporary design through the exploration of new and unconventional combinations. The intention is to challenge traditional notions and arouse emotions throughout irony and provocation.


IAMMI’s creative process is driven by intuition and deep listening, engaging in extensive research to develop projects that evoke emotional responses, prompting to take action. The studio pays meticulous attention to context, process, and semantics, ensuring that the final result achieves the highest level of expression.


IAMMI undertakes a diverse range of projects, both self-initiated and client-commissioned, constantly experimenting with various techniques and materials, pushing the boundaries of design. As IAMMI believes in the timelessness of ideas, the approach focuses on capturing the essence of an idea rather than conforming to fleeting trends.


Overall, IAMMI combines innovation, unconventional thinking, and emotional engagement to create thought-provoking and impactful designs.

All inquiries

+39 3513307301



Fairs and exhibitions

“If Roots Remembered and Water Spoke”, Nest24, 02/2024, Bahrain (BAHR)


“Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens", Dubai Design Week 23, 11/2023, Dubai (UAE)

“Materialized", Dubai Design Week 23, 11/2023, Dubai (UAE)

“Routes to Roots", Tanween23-Ithra, 11/2023, Dammam (SA)

“Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens", DDW23, 10/2023, Eindhoven (NL)

“Tools and Crafts", DDW23, 10/2023, Eindhoven (NL)


“Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens", LDF23, 09/2023, London (UK)

"In The Making", LineaPelle, 09/2023, Milan (IT)


“Tools and Craft”, MDW23, 04/2023, Milan (IT)

“Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens”, MDW23, 04/2023, Milan (IT)


“RoPlastic Prize” by Nicoletta Orlandi, Palazzo Bandello, MDW23, 04/2023, Milan (IT)


“Please don’t step on my cat”, Encadrer, MDW23, 04/2023, Milan (IT)

"The Sign - PITTI", Fortezza da Basso, 01/2023, Florence (IT)​
"Correlation 3", Villa Flore, 12/2022, Nice (FR)
"BREAK TO THE FUTURE", Messmerizing, DDW, 10/2022, Eindhoven (NL)
"When Time Dreams", The Company Studios, 06/2022, Milan (IT)
"Correlation 2", Hotel Amour, 06/22, Nice (FR)
"LUMIERE", Galeria Azur, 04/2022, Berlin (DE)
"PEEP SHOP", Le Dojo, 04/2022, Nice (FR)
"ELVEA", 11/2021, Milan (IT)
"Isola Design Gallery", MDW21, 09/2021, Milan (IT)

"COSAS DE CASA", Brutto Studio, 10/2020, La Coruña (ES)

"Frammenti" - WOLSHA COLLAB, Fiti, 01/2020, Milan (IT)


"YOUR SAFE CORNER", Futura, 01/2020, Milan (IT)


"REINCANTO", Curated by Valentina Ottobri, 11/2022


Isola design awards - Slide special mention / Friendly Monster Cabinet


MM Award 2023 gold prize – product design / CLOUDS

A'design award 2021 / B-fora

Selected press
2024, In Conversation with IAMMI: Creative Studio, Side Wall
2023, Il design per il nuovo mondo, Interni
2023, Waste not, want not, Monocle
2023, Il mostro nell’armadio di IAMMI alla Dubai Design Week, Collateral
2023, Dubai Design Week, Giorgio Linea protagonista con l’estroso Friendly Monster, cabinet rosa che ha stregato Linea Pelle, Il Giornale d'Italia
2023, Eco-friendly grace: where whimsical aesthetics meets conscious materials, Design Wanted
2023, A pliable city rooted in principles of regeneration and eco-sustainability, Design Wanted
2023, Isola demonstrates how ‘Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens’ at Material Matters 2023, Stir 
2023, Lineapelle presenta IN THE MAKING durante la Milano Fashion Week e le altre notizie dal mondo della moda, Vogue Italia
2023, Un festival di quartiere (e non solo): la guida al Fuorisalone di Isola Design, Elle decor
2023, Non solo design nel recap del meglio visto alla Milano Design Week 2023, L'Officiel
2023, FuoriSalone 2023 gli eventi da non perdere all’Isola Design Festival, Interni


2022, "Slow design plein Sud", Cote Magazine, P78

2022, "Iammi, It takes an energic creative explosion to create a B-fora", L'essenziale journal v03, P146


2021, "La rinascita dell’Ellenismo: l’ispirazione che arriva dall’antica Grecia", AD Italian


2021, "Wanted", Amica

2021, "The curvy B-fora", Cosy


2021, "A’ Design Award Winners Bring Hope To An Inspiring Future — And It’s Stunning", DesignTaxy


2021, "Are Ceramics What We Need to Feel Human Again?", Hypebeast


2021, "Curvy design: quando l’ispirazione è la silhouette femminile", AD Italia

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