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Isola Design Gallery


Set-up design project for Isola Design Gallery, during London Design Festival 2023.

On the occasion of its London debut, Isola commissioned IAMMI to conceive and realise the exhibition design for ‘Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens’ in Bargehouse, Oxo Tower.

Made exclusively of recycled foam bricks, it encapsulates the essence of a
‘soft city’ while integrating the principles of regeneration. With a focus on foundations, the installation embraces sustainable design practices and seeks to craft an engaging and immersive experience. By combining the principles of a soft city, foundations rooted in sustainability, starting from scratch, and the concept of regeneration, the Isola Design Gallery installation creates an inspiring and transformative space. It serves as a testament to the potential of recycled materials and sustainable design practices to shape a more harmonious and regenerative urban environment. 

The ‘Blue Metropolis’ bar is perfectly integrated into the space. This concept envisions an urban landscape that recreates the historic center of an ancient city, dominated by a predominantly blue color palette and entirely constructed using Polygood, a 100% recycled plastic material.


Ph credits

Anwyn Howarth 

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