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Series title: Pimp it up!

Material: Ceramic

Technique:Mould casting

Edition: Unique piece

Size: Variable

Year: 2022

Pimp It Up!

Unconventional creativity

"Pimp It Up" is an intriguing collection of 11 unique pieces that are crafted by assembling production waste from a Portuguese ceramic company and giving them vibrant metallic hues. This collection embraces creativity and sustainability by transforming discarded materials into stunning designs.


Each piece within the collection is distinct and possesses its own bold personality. The process involves gathering leftover ceramic fragments and combining them in imaginative ways, creating new forms and structures. Once the pieces are assembled, they undergo a transformation with the application of strong metallic hues. The bold and vibrant metallic shades further enhance the individuality of each piece, making them eye-catching and captivating.


"Pimp It Up" collection is a testament to the beauty that can arise from reimagining and repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste. By giving new life to discarded ceramic fragments, this collection promotes sustainability and resourcefulness.

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