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Title: Tofu
Material: Upcycled foam rubber

Technique: Sculpture

Colour: Variable
Size: Variable
Year: 2024

Art Design Advertising

Do not eat

"Tofu" collection embodies the essence of contemporary design: seats, benches, coffee tables with an amorphous appearance ranging in dimensions from 45x45x45 cm up to a maximum of 220x60x60 cm.


Inspired by the nature of rocks, these surprisingly soft to the touch designs offer a unique and engaging tactile experience, thanks to their artisanal crafting in upcycled foam rubber. Through the use of sustainable materials, IAMMI emphasizes the importance of sustainability as a fundamental guide in the creative and design process.

This extraordinary concept represents a blend of tradition and modernity, uniting the sublime with the playful. "Tofu" aims to redefine the boundaries of art and design, offering an innovative perspective on the transformation and reinterpretation of materials and aesthetic concepts.

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